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Safety & Sanitation

We are proudly the safest, cleanest, nail salon you've been to!

Single use items

Each client service utilizes a brand new nail file, buffer, and orange stick. These items are thrown away or given to the client at the end of the service.

Disinfected Metal Tools

You'll see us open a new package of clean and disinfected tools for each client service. After the service, tools are cleaned and sanitized, then disinfected in a hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant before being individiually packaged.


We disinfect the manicure tables and pedicure bowls between clients using a hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectant that is also safe for skin contact and breathing.


Our nail technicians wear gloves and sanitize their hand and client hands at the beginning of each service. Our foot soak also contains soap.

Please ask us if you have any questions about our safety and sanitation policies or procedures. We are happy to explain more. We know our salon and your experience will speak for itself too!

Safety & Sanitation: Products
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